Book signing bonanza!

Last Friday night, it was, my inaugural book signing at Sussex Stationers and W.H.Smith in Uckfield.

I have to admit that it was a scary thought – sitting at a table for three and a half hours with a pile of my books and trusting that people would be interested…

In my crazy head, I imagined a vast empty plain with tumble weeds rolling by…like this…

But it wasn’t like that AT ALL!

Everyone was LOVELY. I had the most wonderful conversations with some great people. Ryan, the store manager, and his team were very reassuring and couldn’t have been more helpful. My boy Tim was a great Purple-Prosecco-Pourer-Outer. I had a steady stream of visitors throughout the evening – lots of people I knew (thank you SO much for coming to my book signing, even when you’d already bought a copy!) and many people I didn’t know – but do know now.

It was memorable and magic.

Book Signing 5-12-14

While facts and figures aren’t the be all and end all – creating relationships is the most important thing – I’m pleased to announce I sold 23 copies on the night and have sold 12 since.

For an unknown, self-published writer in a small town that is…

images (7)

And the shops want to stock Of Night and Light now – and an email has been sent out from W.H. Smith’s Head Office to all the other stores in the south east to see if anyone else would like to host a book signing.

All I can say is…


Book signing excitement

Announcing The Book Signing, on Friday, December 5th, from 5.30-9 p.m. in British Bookshops Sussex Stationers, Uckfield.

images (5)

Yaaaaaay! Whoop, whoop and wowser and  similar expressions of delight.

It’s happening!

That’s during the Late Night Christmas Shopping Event, when everyone will be full of…mince pies and mulled wine?

Good old Uckfield – my home town for the last thirty-something years. The picture below hardly does it justice.


Yes, not just any old book signing but the signing of Of Night And LightYou know – the book wot I wrote. The one I hardly ever mention.

Get there early to avoid the queues!


It’s your chance to buy a Christmas present with a difference, which one day might be extremely valuable. Maybe.

Yes, book signing excitement.

I’ve realised that the symptoms of excitement are exactly the same as those of fear. Racing heart, nervous shakes, knocking knees, beads of sweat on brow, mind in turmoil, waking in the middle of the night…

I must be VERY EXCITED, that’s all I can say.

PLEASE DO COME ALONG to this book signing if you’re in the area…or even if you’re not.

Otherwise I’ll be awfully lonely!

And I may have to drink all the complimentary Prosecco…