Oh say can you see…an American review?

Well, nearly American. If you count an ex-pat British guy as American. I’m not sure.

He has been there in Tampa, Florida,  or thereabouts, for an AWFULLY long time, so I expect he understands all about screaming line drives, 1-2-3 double play, intentional walks and similar.

In fact, just to prove it, here he is…(on the left).

Belgium vs USA

So, I’M going to count my very first review on Amazon.com as American.

See, when you’ve finished reading this, my rant called Amazon-sized annoyance –  written on discovering that reviews on Amazon.co.uk DO NOT APPEAR on Amazon.com . Don’t get me started.

This means that all my American friends, indeed, the whole American nation, could search for Of Night and Light on Amazon.com, ready to make that one-click purchase, and find NO REVIEWS. That’s 317 million disappointed people, people!

Obvious conclusion…no, one possible conclusion – “This novel sucks. No-one can be bothered with it. Consign it to the bonfire.”

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May I proudly present my very first Almost-All-American 5 star review? (See at the bottom of the page).

Oh, and a new demographic…that small, but perfectly formed group of people who know all about the structure of aggrecan fragments in human synovial fluid.

Of Night and Light? Broad appeal?




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 The now-famous review is HERE


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