Book launch at East Grinstead Bookshop?

Say book launch and what comes to my unorthodox mind?

31 Aug 1939, Newport News, Virginia, USA --- First Lady at Ship Launching --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

God bless this book and all who…erm…quail in her! (Some bits of Of Night and Light are just a little worrying!)

Well, that’s one way of doing a book launch. Not a bad idea except, 1) Rather a waste of jolly good champagne 2) The book would get ridiculously soggy 3) The pages would most likely stick together and, ultimately, 4) The whole sorry mess would dissolve.

Another way…

Go to visit your local independent bookshop.

When I say ‘local’ – that might mean a few miles away. Sad to say, long gone are the times when every town had its own bookshop. I’m fortunate. East Grinstead is a mere 11-ish miles from Buxted. That’s local. Added to which, I have a business meeting in the town every Friday morning.

East Grinstead Bookshop. A perfect place for a book launch. Just look at it!

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And inside, you’ll find – book-lovers’ heaven. Books in every nook and cranny. Interesting books. Not your Tesco shelves best sellers, pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap. Quirky books. Books old and new, large and small, for adults and for children.

There’s a café too. Chocolate brownies. Table cloths which match my hair…

And then there’s John Pye.

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He is great to talk to. Great to talk to whatever, but particularly great to talk to for me as an author used to writing but not used to SELLING. I mean to say, I’m an artist. I can’t get involved with COMMERCIAL stuff.

(Better get used to it, girl, if you want to go places beyond your own wish-list land.)

John Pye has most generously offered the use of his premises for a book launch – which will be a party, a celebration, nothing pompous or stuffy.

It won’t be yetawhile. It WILL be a happening, this book launch. When it happens. Which it will.


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P.S.  It doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to buy the book!


Of Night and Light available on Amazon!

It is, I tell you IT IS!

It’s like some sort of dream…


Into The Dark Dream Seas by Azure Paragon

So here’s the thing – you can buy it now.  From Amazon. Go to my Buy Now page AT ONCE  – see, handy link provided – and do that One Click thing. That would make me smile.

You could also wait a little, and by-pass Amazon, if you’d like that more.  It will be available in independent bookshops and I’m passionate about supporting each and every one of those.

For postal customers, I’m going to be selling Of Night and Light myself – at least, that’s the plan.

With my sensible hat on, I have to work out costings. If you know me at all, you’ll know that this appears to me as complex as solving the Spaghettic Theory of Relativity…

spaghettic theory of relativity_web_900

But I’m sure I’ll get there, especially if I seek help from People Who Know These Things.

Amazon is jolly useful and efficient, but, by all accounts, does little to reimburse penniless writers. Or indeed, writers who have pennies.

Amazon is also…under scrutiny.

While I’m not, repeat NOT, a money-grabbing self-server, I’d rather any pennies to be earned went to a more worthy cause than a company who paid just £4.2m in UK tax last year, despite selling goods worth £4.3 billion.

Well, what a remarkable post! Me telling you the wonderful news that my book is available on Amazon and then enumerating the reasons why Amazon is not a Good Thing.

Thing is, I have to sleep at nights…

Caroline Coxon, the super saleswoman!

PLEASE drop me a line via the Contact Form – another handy link provided – to register an interest!

I should mention that I’m told Of Night and Light will soon be available from Waterstones online.

Of Night and Light will ALSO, soon, be available as an eBook, if you are one of those people who isn’t firmly stuck in the past, like me, clinging feverishly on to the idea that a book is made of paper and card and sits beautifully on a bookshelf and goes soggy if you drop it in the bath by accident. Or indeed, on purpose.

Oh well, I guess there’s nothing to stop you from  putting your Kindle on a bookshelf… (other eReaders available but I don’t know what they’re called).

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There you go…