Big in Whistler? Who knows?

Yay! Big in Whistler… When I was in the East Grinstead Bookshop, the owner, John Pye, and I were speculating about inventive strap-lines for me and Of Night and Light. One was…”The second-best author you’ve never heard of…”


Image by Kate Pugsley

(Why second-best? Well, it has a certain quirky ring to it, doesn’t it? And is FAR more modest than saying, ‘the best’…) The other strap-line, emanating from my impending trip to see Laurie, Irene and Tilly, who live in Whistler – which, in case you don’t know, is a resort north of Vancouver – was, ‘Big in Whistler.’

It made me smile. Lots of things make me smile, these days.

images (5)

A little pipe-dream?

Well, nothing to lose but my face…

There happens to be a wonderful independent bookshop in Whistler where I’ve spent many happy hours browsing, choosing exactly the right baby books for Tilly.


(No, Armchair Books┬áis NOT all distorted and bendy, that’s just a natty photo).

SO – I e-mailed them and waited for…

images (6)

The Wet Blanket Treatment


No Response

images (7)

But, within the hour, I’d had a cheery reply from a guy called Dan…

“As for your new book, congratulations. I will take a look at it, and we could probably take it on consignment to see if it will sell. Sound ok?”


download (4)

You could’ve knocked me down with a feather!

Luggage allowance, Air Transat? 23 kilos. How many clothes should I not take?

Next mission…

Get into…

images (8)

The Whistler news magazine. Anyone?

SO – I could be a little bit Big in Whistler.

Or little in Whistler in a BIG way?

Stranger things have happened…

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