Book signing bonanza!

Last Friday night, it was, my inaugural book signing at Sussex Stationers and W.H.Smith in Uckfield.

I have to admit that it was a scary thought – sitting at a table for three and a half hours with a pile of my books and trusting that people would be interested…

In my crazy head, I imagined a vast empty plain with tumble weeds rolling by…like this…

But it wasn’t like that AT ALL!

Everyone was LOVELY. I had the most wonderful conversations with some great people. Ryan, the store manager, and his team were very reassuring and couldn’t have been more helpful. My boy Tim was a great Purple-Prosecco-Pourer-Outer. I had a steady stream of visitors throughout the evening – lots of people I knew (thank you SO much for coming to my book signing, even when you’d already bought a copy!) and many people I didn’t know – but do know now.

It was memorable and magic.

Book Signing 5-12-14

While facts and figures aren’t the be all and end all – creating relationships is the most important thing – I’m pleased to announce I sold 23 copies on the night and have sold 12 since.

For an unknown, self-published writer in a small town that is…

images (7)

And the shops want to stock Of Night and Light now – and an email has been sent out from W.H. Smith’s Head Office to all the other stores in the south east to see if anyone else would like to host a book signing.

All I can say is…



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