Book Tour de Whistler

Does it count as a book tour to visit one bookshop and a library?


However, it did include a nine hour flight to Vancouver and then a two hour bus ride to Whistler, and then quite a long walk, and back, so…

book tour it is. That’s official!

First, the library – which doesn’t open until 11, rather disconcertingly when I arrived at 10, thinking they’d be half way through their day.


Isn’t it the most glorious building?

I had a lovely chat with librarian Nadine, who told me how delighted she was that adults had broken through some sort of barrier and were regularly reading teen fiction. ‘Otherwise, she said,  ‘they’d miss such a lot of good writing.’  Let’s hope. She was very pleased to be presented with a copy of Of Night and Light for their shelves.

Next, Armchair Books.


And it was with such childish delight that I went back two days later and saw a pile of books for sale on their shelves. My books, that is.


Really, you can’t imagine the pleasure that gave me. Well, maybe you can?

There was that and handing out postcards to all and sundry. (Sundry was a bit surprised).

Voila! The book tour.

Next… radio interview on Uckfield FM.

Diversity is my watchword.



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