“I’ve always wanted to be a demographic!”

Yes, my new demographic! The Ellis Goodwin Demographic. A select little group.

It all goes to show what a wide and varied audience Of Night and Light has.

Not that I’m saying that Ellis Goodwin is wide, but he can be quite varied on occasions. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying.


The thing is, Ellis Goodwin is:

a) male

b) not a teenager but a young(ish) adult when compared to older adults

c) a very talented writer

What’s so interesting about that?

Well – as an author, I’m fascinated to know who might be enjoying the book, bearing in mind it was written, nominally, for the 13+ market.

Well, there you go. Ellis Goodwin IS 13+ so perhaps he was a member of my target audience after all? Dear Ellis is a member of my creative writing class and said he only bought it to be supportive, but then…quite unexpectedly…


Of course, I don’t know exactly who IS reading my book.  I will never know who exactly is reading my book, unless they tell me. (As long as SOMEBODY is, she hopes fervently).

I DO know amongst my friends and acquaintances though.

Demographic #1 – I know that lots of adult women from the UK have read it and made very complimentary noises – like ‘Ooooooh!’ and ‘Aaaaaaaah!’ and ‘My-oh-my!’

Demographic #2 – I know that some men of a certain older age have read it, including Peter my husband, who actually confessed at one point that he was ‘hooked.’ You have no idea how much this has pleased me because Peter’s not an avid reader and is also very reluctant to read anything I’ve written in case he hates it and can’t conceal his distaste.


images (1)

Demographic #3 - I have recently heard from two teenage girls. Actual target audience types. One said it was, and I quote, including the multiple exclamation marks,  ‘Amaaaaaaaaazzzzzing!!!!’ – the other, I’m informed, was reading it late into the night and picked it up again the second she returned to the house after a trip out, ‘Which says it all,’ said her grandmother.

So…with the inclusion of the Ellis Goodwin demographic, that covers quite a bit of the population. Or rather, demographic groups.

The one group whose approval I would in no way expect or count upon is teenage boys.

But maybe someone, somewhere, will prove me wrong?

So come on all you readers. Help me with my statistics so I can make a pie chart.



  1. Jan Walker says

    Loved the book. I havent read a book in years but found this a very easy and compelling read. It has given me the drive to begin reading again. Great stuff

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