First review – Of Night and Light!

It’s a tricky one, this, posting my first review of Of Night and Light…

See, I’m British. I’m self-deprecating. I have stiff upper-lipped reticence. The review is good. It means blowing my own trumpet a little bit, doesn’t it? The shame of it.

download (1)BUT – I HAVE to publicise my first review, any review (as long as it doesn’t completely demolish the credibility of my work…but even then..?)

I can only go so far along the road of advertising the fact that I have this book out. Yes, it looks very interesting, loads of people are saying, thanks to the wonderful cover art. And yes, if you’ve read my blogs, you’ll know I can string a sentence together and have a particular style.


To have an independent review from someone I’ve NOT EVEN MET (though his wife is a dear friend) – well, that’s something, isn’t it?


Okay – so here goes.

The review is of the first 59 pages (The other 185 may be utter drivel) – as posted on Facebook.

Got to page 59 of Caroline Coxon’s¬†Of Night and Light. Totally perplexing, gripping and VERY funny – have to tear myself away from it for now; but suspect it will be finished tomorrow.”

Thank you, John Wattis. I am so delighted. Not just because it’s a good review (so far!) but because of who John is. You’ll have guessed by now that he’s not a girl and you will probably worked out that he’s not 14 since, if he was, the fact that he was married to a dear friend of mine would be just…weird, and frankly, against the law.

In fact, I’m sure he won’t mind me mentioning that he’s a grandfather. Well, he might mind, but now it’s too late.

A man, a grandfather – that’s ¬†important to me because my wish has always been that Of Night and Light would be enjoyed by everyone.

I didn’t even know that he and Libby had ordered a copy…

So, for doing that, and for my first review

images (1)

from the bottom of my heart.



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