Of Night and Light now available as an eBook!

eBook? After all I’ve said, after all I still think? It’s a case of bowing to the inevitable. If you like to read an eBook then here’s the link to the Kindle version… Yes, here it is, in living errrm, electronicness


Soon to be available on Kobo, Nook and iBook too – but they take a little longer to get their act together than the juggernaut that is Amazon/Kindle. It’s an impressive machine, disparage it as much as I do. I do – only in so far as nobody else seems to stand a chance… 

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Wrong Amazon.

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I don’t wish to discredit any eBook in any way, shape or form – not if it means other people will read and enjoy Of Night and Light, that is. I’m just old-fashioned.

You’ll have to humour me and carry on with your new-fangled stuff, your electronic dream, regardless.

As far as an eBook goes, I’m more of the Penelope Lively school, however.

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LIVELY, Penelope Lively, I said.

“It seems to me that anyone whose library consists of a Kindle lying on a table is some sort of bloodless nerd.”

Or a sort of Maurice Sendak…

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“F**k them is what I say. I hate those eBooks. They can not be the future. They may well be. I will be dead. I won’t give a s**t.”

By way of balance, a longer piece from Charlie Brooker:

“Until recently, I was an eBook sceptic, see; one of those people who harrumphs about the “physical pleasure of turning actual pages” and how eBook will “never replace the real thing”. Then I was given a Kindle as a present. That shut me up. Stock complaints about the inherent pleasure of ye olde format are bandied about whenever some new upstart invention comes along. Each moan is nothing more than a little foetus of nostalgia jerking in your gut.”


ONE DAY I might get a reader of some sort. Until then a cheery wave to eBook Land, where, currently,  I’d be a bit of a tourist.

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