Of Night and Light – Into the Light

Today – June 14th, 2014 – is a momentous day for me. Delivered – the sample copy of my novel Of Night and Light

I’d ordered Room by Emma Donoghue and I thought the package was that. Exciting enough in itself – but when I saw that it was MY BOOK, well…according to Tim, you could hear the screams from half a mile away and, several hours later, his ear drums are still vibrating.


Screams of delight!

And here it is.


Of Night and Light

I’ve recounted the long journey to publication on my Quirkyworks website.

How, in heaven’s name did I get to this point? Sometimes I wonder, myself. If I need reminding I could follow my own advice and… Read all about it in a series of blogs

And what of the book? The blurb…oh gosh, blurbs can be harder to write than novels, really they can.

“When Rosa is uprooted from civilised Notting Hill to her mum’s ramshackle family home in deepest Somerset, she hates everything about it.

 But soon, weird druidic rituals, an unexplained death, and airy-fairy sister Alice’s life in peril at the hands of a malevolent old hag are enough to draw Rosa in to rural life, however hard she fights against it.

 And then there’s the boy…”

Thrown Out Old Mirror

A tiny fragment from Chapter 1 – or I could say shard.

 “And now, when I look in the mirror, my face is cut in half, which I wouldn’t mind because I only like one half of my face anyway.”



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