Radio Gaga, Radio Goo Goo

No, not Queen, only me being a bit gaga on the radio. (But I might console you with Queen at the end so as not to leave you with unfulfilled expectations).

SO – I had a radio interview on Thursday morning  – all about Of Night and Light.

105 Uckfield FM.

download (2)

It’s my local radio station, serving a community of 25,000 although my guess is that not all of them were listening.  What were they thinking? It’s possible to listen on-line, as well. Next stop: the world.

Before my appearance, there was a feature about ways to prevent your drain from getting blocked up with cooking fat. Follow THAT, Caroline Coxon. Make a big effort to be more interesting…

It was quite a long interview, with the lovely Lyn Buckingham. She made it very easy. It was just like having a natter. Well, it WAS having a natter.

Here are the first few minutes:

Don’t want you to glaze over…



If you HAVE glazed over, here’s Radio Gaga to wake you up a bit.

“All we hear is Radio Gaga, Radio Goo Goo…”

Perhaps the Radio Goo Goo bit is about cooking fat in the drain?

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