What’s new!

What’s new? Well, here’s an image of me, over the past few months – minus the high heels, because I never ever wear them. And minus the smart business suit – but that would leave me naked so forget that thought.

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Boy, it’s gritty down there with your head in the sand.

I’m not going to list the excuses I have lined up, masquerading as reasons for not being in action, except to say that…oh, wait a minute, I said I wasn’t going to…

Let’s just be creative, shall we?

Image by Decadent Dementia

Image by Decadent Dementia

So today is declared a new start.

Three things spurred me on to get going again with raising the profile of Of Night and Light

1. I’ve been waiting and waiting to be paid for my book sales in a well-known High Street retailer who shall remain nameless (except you might use the last name if you wanted to be anonymous when checking into a hotel). The issue was becoming ever more huge in my mind. Yesterday, I phoned them, to find that I was due WAAAAY more than I expected – so more books sold than I thought –  and they hadn’t sent the payment because they had no record of my bank details!

images (2)

2. I had a brilliant compliment about the book from the daughter of a highly-regarded (I don’t think this is me exaggerating) academic. She had loved it and wanted me to know it had started her reading again. What more could any author wish to hear?



3. I discovered a literary agent in New York who will consider work that’s already been self-published outside the US.


So there you go. New impulsion to go for it.

We’re back!

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